Edward Green Asquith

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I have for some time been looking to get a pair of Asquith’s, which are in my humble opinion one of the nicer designs from Edward Green. So when I stumbled on these on the 202 last I had to act.

The 202 last has become somewhat of a favourite of mine, along side the 606 of course. I think Edward Green has a knack for such a classic last. And contrary to Alden & Allen Edmonds they are quite refined in profile. This is my own humble opinion of course.


Shoe colours for autumn

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Brown, whine and Burgundy coloured shoes

Winter shoes, from Heschung none the less.

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I have recently added my first pair of chukkas to my winter rotation.

I predict I will enjoy them this winter. I think Heschung Is a brand that may be a bit under rated, I have found them to produce splendid shoes for all seasons. It is not unlike J.M.Weston and Paraboot a French manufacturer of some heritage and tradition.

Edward Green sale shoes …

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So I stumbled upon some Edward Green shoes on sale at Kurt Geiger in London.

The left pair the Chelsea was a no brain-er, the quoted Wine colour is a special made up batch for UK’s largest stockist I believe. Double leather soles and outstanding finish for 25£ more than a EG re-craft.

The 202last can look stubby when seen like in big picture above, but in real life and any askew angle the last is quite refined.

The other pair Sandringham is quite peculiar in colour, I would cal it a dark emerald green. Notice it is missing the typical thistle on the side. I believe EG put those on their “GOLF” style shoes.

I’m hoping some foul weather wear will tone these down, If not … Oh well, I guess the deal was to sweet to pass up. I guess they would go with a slightly “bohemian” look. Think ETRO etc. I have some splendid Zegna cashco cords that might work I think.

My first Gaziano & Girlings

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Im rather pleased with these. Excuse the Gallo socks and unmounted poster from the 1948 GP in Monaco.

The model is Hayes on the MH71 last, vintage rioya is the colour. I find the medallion to be exquisite partly to the sizing on this slightly chiseled last and the diamond shaped punches.

I did not in fact have an Adelaide “throat” shoe before, I’m actually somewhat curious as to the origin. So If someone has any pointers I would like some feadback

I requested the lasted trees to be “unfinished” I don’t believe in neither varnish or wax on the trees. As I believe they serve better when they have the ability to absorb some of the moisture from a days wear.

One of the more stunning features of the Gaziano & Girling shoes may well be their elaborate soles. I don’t think I have seen an other maker of Ready to wear shoes have such an elaborate finish.

I find them to have a slight resemblance to J.M. Weston Saville’s. and other pair of shoes I don’t have. Oh well there Is always Xmas.

If one takes a look at the lineage of G&G shoes. Tony Gaziano apparently had training at Cleverly. He then went on to Edward Green where he then created some lasts. One of whom is the 888, ha was also responsible for EG’s bespoke work. And I must admit to have a soft spot for some of these shoes. I believe Dean Girling had training from John Lobb LTD and then worked at Cleverly, but I’m more unsure of that.

But as my feet are not “difficult” I find it very hard to justify a bespoke pair from the gentlemen at Gaziano & Girling.
I plan to continue my ramblings on G&G …

The $482 Difference (NY-times article)

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What makes one loafer worth several hundred dollars more than another? (Sometimes, not very much.) Parsons’ shoe design professor Howard Davis analyzed the components of two basic black models.

Full “tear down”: http://nymag.com/guides/everything/shoes/27345/

I would argue, beside the design, the quality of materials and workmanship on a pair of J.M.Weston’s is far superior

More Edward Green

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And to serious men who want to both look and feel their best. Let’s put our foot squarely on the issue, it’s all about the shoes. Your shoes define who you are and what you think of yourself. Consider the cushion shoes provide to your foot and spine and how the proper size and shape affects your walking gait and stationary stance. Shoes determine how your body will react and respond throughout the day. The fact that most men consider shoes something to be ground down and discarded places among the elite the man that cares about his shoes.

Full write up @ Filmnoirbuff